Thank you for reaching out to us at Franklin Equipment!  A representative should contact you shortly.

Important Reminders for Your Rental:

  • You Must Call Off Your Rental when You are Finished Using the Equipment
  • Equipment with Hour Meters are Subject to the Following Rate Charges Based on Daily & Weekly Rentals
    • 8 Hours/Day, 40 Hours/Week = 1.0 X Rate
    • 9-16 Hours/Day, 41-80 Hours/Week = 1.5 X Rate
    • 17+ Hours/Day, 81+ Hours/Week = 2.0 X Rate
  • Machines are Sent Out with a Full Tank of Fuel & DEF (If Equipped). Machines Must be Returned Full or You Will be Charged for Fuel Used at a Rate of $6.99/Gallon
  • Machines Must Be Returned in Clean Condition, Including Tracks/Tires, To Avoid a $250 Cleaning Charge 
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