Team Franklin:

I wanted to take a few minutes to update you regarding what coronavirus is doing to our country and team franklin.  I am sure most of you are watching the same news and numbers affected by coronavirus.  As our surgeon general told us this past weekend, we have very tough times in front of us over the next couple weeks.  We have heard dire predictions of our country’s short term economy.  I too have been trying to stay up-to-date on what is going on in all of the markets we serve.   I believe most importantly, myself and your leadership team is monitoring daily the trends of Franklins business in all of our markets.  With the help of our accounting and data team, we are very closely monitoring the key metrics of our business twice daily.  We are monitoring our inbound phone calls, website “hits” and traffic.  We are also monitoring new rentals by store and by company.   We monitor trailing 7 days revenue, total fleet on rent twice a day.   I am very excited to report these very important metrics trended our way last week.  When most of our competition have reported negative results, we “Team Franklin” are holding steady.


While our business plans call for us to be growing at this point in the season, we are thrilled to be holding steady.  For that we need to be thankful, as many of our competitors are not doing so well.  So I ask myself why are we preforming better than our competition?  I think the answer is fast and clear, the associates of Team Franklin are working harder and have a deep rooted passion to provide our customers the best service possible in the times. The entirety of “Team Franklin” are working harder, doing more, learning more skills and just out “hustling” our competition.  Yes, we can win forever loyalty from our customers by simply out working our competition.   It gives your ownership team tremendous pride in knowing the extraordinary efforts and service levels you all are providing Franklin customers everyday.


It is very difficult and uncertain times like we are in that can bring the best out of us.  I can assure you that the current world situation we are all in has challenged like never before, your ownership and leadership team. I can promise you all, that we too are working day and night to best navigate these most challenging times.  We are very confident that if the whole of “Team Franklin” continues to leave all we have on the “playing field” everyday, we will not only survive but will thrive in the market we serve.


In closing, we wish only the best for you and your families.  We hope and pray for your families health and well being.  Please reach out to your manager or HR for any assistance you may need during these unprecedented times.  “Go Team Franklin.”



Troy Gabriel,  CEO

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