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Interested in keeping your team members and equipment safe? Want to make sure you are following OSHA standards? Franklin Equipment offers a variety of training with safety as the ultimate goal. Now offering safety training at all locations for Scissor Lifts, Telehandlers, Warehouse Forklifts, Construction Equipment and more. Most training can be completed in a single day with the use of our equipment. Safety training consists of classroom training, hand on equipment training and a final test. Safety training is provided by our own employees who have completed special training to become a trainer. Upon completion of the training, certification cards are provided. 



Scissor Lift or Telehandler: $125/person

Scissor Lift & Telehandler: $175/person

Warehouse Forklift: $75/person

Scissor Lift, Telehandler, & Warehouse Forklift: $200/person

Construction Equipment: Varies

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